Monday, April 18, 2011

Magical Monday!!

Hi friends!!

So here we are at another Monday and boy do I have my work cut out for me this week.  Usually I have a bunch of stuff prewritten and ready to go, but I have been busy and well I slacked, so the blog may be a bit lacking this week, but I am trying to get things put together!

This weekend was a fun one.  My nephew and godson celebrated his first birthday!  Such a cute little guy and we loved celebrating with him on Saturday!  I cannot believe he is a year old already....(here comes an overused mommy phrase) Where does the time go????  Then on Sunday we headed to a baby shower for my cousin.  Celebrating life and new life all over the place!  Love it!!

Be Our Guest Vacations got a reservation transfer as well this week!!  YAY!  Did you know that if you have already booked your Disney Vacation you can simply transfer it over to little old me?  Well you can.  And as I said it is a simple process!  I have already contacted Disney and got the DL on how to do it!  I even made up a Word Doc that I will send to you in the event that you want to transfer it to me (and why wouldn't you??? LOL) and all you have to do is fill in the blanks, sign and fax it!  And you get a $25 Disney Gift Card!!  So easy transfer, FREE help and $25?!  You can't beat it!!!

Our facebook page has hit 300+ fans and that means it is giveaway time!!  I am busily working on the behind the scenes of all of that.  It is my first ever giveaway (YAY!) and I am still learning.  I am working on the post and getting the photos and info from are AWESOME sponsors now!!  Here are the prizes you can expect - a Disney Gift Card, a Photo Memories DVD set to music with 4 additional copies (a $225 value!!), two beautiful hand crafted bracelets from a fellow Disney blogger, a special crafted Disney autograph book - one of a kind for sure, and so fun Disney styled ribbons or ribbon belts from a good friend of mine who is super crafty!!  I really think you will like them all and I am excited to introduce it all to you soon!  There will be multiple winners and multiple ways to enter, so stay tuned to here and the Facebook page!

Lastly - did you know you can book your Disney vacation and pay for it on layaway?  That's right!!  You don't have to pay in full when you book.  You simply need to put down $200 to secure your trip and then pay as you can - minimum of $20.  This is how we do it as we don't use credit cards.  So we put down what we felt comfortable with - the deposit - and then which each pay check we make a payment we are comfortable with.  The final payment has to be made 45 days before you trip begins.  For example we are going 9/24/11 and our final payment is due 8/10/11.

Well that is all for now!!  Happy Monday everyone!!!!  Make it Magical!